In Exodus chapter 30, the LORD tells Moses to make a very special and holy anointing oil of the finest of spices, including flowing (liquid) myrrh, sweet-smelling cinnamon, fragrant cane, cassia, and olive oil. In the Bible this highly perfumed oil was used to consecrate, or set apart the articles used in worship, including the ark, the tabernacle, and all its furnishings, which made them “Holy” unto the Lord.  Once this oil was made holy unto the Lord, He promised that His divine presence would forever rest there. The word Shama, meaning God Has Heard, is the foundational theme of our oils. However, Jesus gives an admonition not to reproduce the exact formula or use it on ordinary humans—an admonition that Shama takes seriously. We do not attempt in any way to reproduce this formula.  This is why our oils are individually hand prepared and consecrated utilizing oils that are spiritually specific to prophetic the assignment; (i.e. healing, deliverance, impartation, prophecy, etc.).

     To be anointed is to be consecrated; or in other words, to be set apart and dedicated to serve God, to be imparted with enabling gifts and grace, to be divinely designated, inaugurated, or chosen for some purpose.  The English word anoint derives from the ancient Latin inunctus, meaning to smear with oil.

     Believers are anointed by God as a sign of approval.  He imparts His seal on us, and gives us His Spirit (1 John 2:20).  He wants us to know that we have a divine and heavenly connection to his authority and power which we represent in the earth (2 Cor. 1: 21-22).

     In Exodus, the LORD identifies anointing oil is an acceptable offering unto Him (Exodus 25:6). Furthermore, He directs that Aaron and his sons be anointed, consecrated, and sanctified as holy priests to minister unto Him (Exodus 28:41 and that Aaron be anointed as Israel’s High Priest through the pouring of anointing oil on his head and garments [Exodus 29:7,21,29). (Psalm 133:12 compare harmonious brotherhood to (“fragrant oil on the head that runs down over the beard of Aaron…”). This is the reason Shama consecrates ministry kits.  It is important that the priests are equipped for spiritual perfecting of the Saints (five-fold ministry gifts, Ephesians 4:11).